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Hip Girls Guide to Homemaking

Author and blogger Kate Payne {Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking} was in my area for a book signing and food demo.  Kate taught everyone how to make fermented pickles and refrigerator pickles.  As a fun twist, she used green tomatoes in her pickling demo, encouraging us all to try pickling with a wide variety of vegetables {and even fruits!} Check [...]

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{review}: Local Chips Anyone?

Are you eating local and wondering how to satisfy your chip craving? Look no more Albany region. Jiff-e-Mart {with locations in Averill Park & Castelton} started making potato chips to accompany their sandwich selections at the deli. After receiving rave reviews, Billy and his team decided to increase production, and started making potato chips daily.  With 10 tasty flavors, even [...]

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Peach Upside-Down Muffins {Gluten Free, Diary Free}

The weather turned nasty this weekend on the East Coast, as Hurricane Irene decided to come let us know who was boss.  She has since come and gone {except for the damage left behind, of course}.  In preparing for the storm, some talked of bottling water and charging batteries, gathering supplies and bringing in lawn furniture.  I tried to do [...]

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Farmer’s Market {weekend update}

Have you tried a yellow watermelon?  I honestly didn’t even know they existed until talking at the Farmer’s Market. It has a more subtle flavor than the typical red watermelon, but sweet and lovely. I honestly think I like it better at this point. Enjoy your weekend. If you find a local farmer’s market {or farm stand}, send me pics [...]

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Swapping it: August

This weekend was the August Food Swap with the From Scratch Club. Each month I am amazed that the Food Swap can get better than the month before.  Amazed that people can “bring it” more than they did last month.  Amazed that other people really want to trade their jam for BBQ sauce, their honey for salsa.  Amazed that the [...]

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Farmer’s Market {weekend update}

Are you headed to a Farmer’s Market this weekend? How about a farm stand? Would love to see what you picked up! Send pics: becky {at} theMixingBowlDiary {dot} com

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Farmer’s Market {weekend update}

Here’s a little recap from our weekend shopping at our Farmer’s Market. Love, Love, Love the Farmer’s Market. {photos taken @ the Crossings in Colonie} Hope you get a chance to visit your local Farmer’s Market this weekend too!

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Swapping it: July

As I mentioned, I went to the July Food Swap with the From Scratch Club. { Small shout out to the awesome crew that showed up to trade their wares.} I can’t tell you how excited I was, leading up to this swap.  In the hours before the swap, I was like a crazy person in my kitchen….running around making [...]

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Food Swap for July

Yesterday I went to the July Food Swap with the From Scratch Club. Here is a little preview of what I brought: Blueberry BBQ Sauce, Refrigerator Dill Pickles & S’mores Whoopie Pies Want to know what I came home with? You totally do, cause its awesome. I will post on it soon!

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Strawberry Picking

  My legs are sore. You might wonder if I was out exercising…running a marathon….maybe hiking. The answer is NO to all of those questions. Want to know what I was actually doing? Strawberry picking. I know, you can laugh if you want. But seriously, strawberry picking gave me sore legs.  Who knew all the “squat, pick a berry, stand-up, [...]

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