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Swapping it: October

It was Food Swap time again this past weekend with the From Scratch Club. Every month I am excited to see what the other swappers have brought and to sample their goodies. This is what I brought: Pumpkin Spice Syrup Perfect for drizzling in my latte. Want the recipe? I got it from Baker Girl. Here are some pictures of [...]

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Swapping it: September

Can you believe it is September already? I can’t. I actually think I am in denial about summer being over, and the cold, winter weather coming. One good thing about this new month though: another food swap with From Scratch Club! Here is what I brought to the swap: Roasted Tomato + Olive Tapenade {adapted from A Farmgirl’s Dabbles}   [...]

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Hip Girls Guide to Homemaking

Author and blogger Kate Payne {Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking} was in my area for a book signing and food demo.  Kate taught everyone how to make fermented pickles and refrigerator pickles.  As a fun twist, she used green tomatoes in her pickling demo, encouraging us all to try pickling with a wide variety of vegetables {and even fruits!} Check [...]

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Swapping it: August

This weekend was the August Food Swap with the From Scratch Club. Each month I am amazed that the Food Swap can get better than the month before.  Amazed that people can “bring it” more than they did last month.  Amazed that other people really want to trade their jam for BBQ sauce, their honey for salsa.  Amazed that the [...]

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Swapping it: July

As I mentioned, I went to the July Food Swap with the From Scratch Club. { Small shout out to the awesome crew that showed up to trade their wares.} I can’t tell you how excited I was, leading up to this swap.  In the hours before the swap, I was like a crazy person in my kitchen….running around making [...]

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Food Swap for July

Yesterday I went to the July Food Swap with the From Scratch Club. Here is a little preview of what I brought: Blueberry BBQ Sauce, Refrigerator Dill Pickles & S’mores Whoopie Pies Want to know what I came home with? You totally do, cause its awesome. I will post on it soon!

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Food Swap with From Scratch Club

A few weeks ago, the wonders of the web {and lots of clicking on links}, brought me to  the site of a cool group called the From Scratch Club.  I saw they were: 1) local & 2) hosting a Food Swap soon.  As I read about the upcoming swap I was excited and yelling to my husband {in the other [...]

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