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DIY Conversation Hearts

Are you looking for a sweet treat to make for your Valentine? Check out my post over at From Scratch Club where I show you step-by-step how to make your own Conversation Hearts!

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DIY Natural Food Coloring

Are you making sugar cookies this Holiday Season? Looking for a way to color that frosting without using the store bought food coloring?   Check out my post, over at From Scratch Club, to learn how to make your own NATURAL FOOD COLORING! ~Happy Holidays~          

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Sweet Potato Pie with Toasted Marshmallow {Gluten Free, Dairy Free}

Still looking for a dessert for your Thanksgiving Dinner?  Look no further. Have you ever had sweet potato casserole? You know the one. Its sweet and sugary and loaded with marshmallows on top. Basically a dessert, but somehow served alongside the turkey? Well, this is a take off on that, but in pie form. Start by making a sweet potato [...]

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Individual Apple Crisp – In Jars {Gluten Free, Dairy Free}

Here’s a fun way to serve apple crisp at your Thanksgiving dinner or upcoming holiday party: Bake the apple crisp in small jars. Not only are the jars crazy cute, but it makes it easy to pass out individual servings to all your guests. Looking for a Gluten Free, Diary Free apple crisp recipe? Here’s a few that I have [...]

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DIY Halloween Candy: Chocolate Coconut Mounds Bars {Gluten Free, Diary Free}

Halloween is around the corner, but you still have plenty of time to make some of your own candy before the Trick-or-Treating begins. Check out part 3 of my DIY Halloween Candy making, over at From Scratch Club. Why? Because this week I am making Chocolate-Coconut “Mounds Bars”, that’s why. They are easy and yummy and you totally need to [...]

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DIY Halloween Candy: lollipops

Last week I began on a quest to make some of my own Halloween Candy for my family, and I started by making Peanut Butter Cups {Dairy Free}. This week I continue on this quest with another DIY Halloween Candy post: Lollipops. My kids are cheering as this is a standby favorite of theirs. Come over and join me over [...]

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DIY Halloween Candy: Peanut Butter Cups {Dairy Free}

Halloween is around the corner, and stores have been filing their aisles with packages of chocolate for what seems like months.  If you are like me, you probably have candy on your mind.  To counter all the harmful ingredients in the store bought candies, I was on a quest to have homemade, DIY Halloween candy for my family this year. [...]

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Dairy Free Caramel Corn

Want to know a way to score huge points with your kids? Make them caramel corn. If your kids think regular popcorn is good, then they will think you are a super hero for making them caramel corn. Well, at least that is what happens at my house. If you are on a dairy free {and/or gluten free} diet, it [...]

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Dairy Free Chocolate Cheesecake {Gluten Free}

How could a dessert with the word “cheese” in it, possibly be dairy free? I know, it seems counter intuitive.  But, seeing as how cheesecake is always the birthday dessert I want each year, I wanted to try making it {dairy free} so that I could actually eat said favorite birthday dessert.   Honestly, it wasn’t hard.  And, it was [...]

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S’mores Whoopie Pies {Gluten Free, Dairy Free}

You kinda need these.  I’m just sayin. I usually can show some level of restraint against the goodies in my kitchen…but not this time. Not only do these whoopie pies scream summer campfire, they also are just crazy good. I brought these little cuties to a food swap recently, and I almost hated to see them go.  I nibbled on [...]

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