Welcome to TheMixingBowlDiary.com

I have loved baking for as long as I can remember.  From the days of my first play kitchen….to now.  I have spent countless hours in the kitchen baking old favorites and new ones.

My two children have a love for baking as well, and by day I bake and create alongside them, enjoying the creativity and togetherness that the kitchen provides.  But at night, when my kiddos are tucked into bed, I go into the kitchen and bake.  Alone.  I take out the mixing bowls, the spoons and measuring cups, and somehow the hours pass without me knowing it.  Creating, recreating, and taste testing my way through recipes I have known, and recipes I have dreamed up.

This blog is a look into my nights in the kitchen.

p.s. want to send me a note? please do! becky at themixingbowldiary dot com