This weekend was the August Food Swap with the From Scratch Club.

Each month I am amazed that the Food Swap can get better than the month before.  Amazed that people can “bring it” more than they did last month.  Amazed that other people really want to trade their jam for BBQ sauce, their honey for salsa.  Amazed that the jars and bottles and containers of goods, cluttering the tables, can possibly out-due those of the previous month.  But, you know what?  It happened. It is happening.

The August swap kicked July’s butt. Big time.

Here is what I brought to the swap this month:

Peach BBQ sauce and Peach-Zucchini Bread with Teff Flour.


And….drum roll…


this is what I came home with

Apple Butter, Carrot Cake Jam, Fresh Salsa, Plum-Peach Jam with Ginger and Lime, Wildflower Honey, Apple Pie Jam and Tomato Sauce

The food swap is still a marvel to me. People, who only minutes earlier were strangers, can quickly meld into a community. The love of good food, the interest in self-sufficiency, the ideal of the local movement, it quickly draws these people together.  A mass of bakers, makers, preservers, gardeners, farmers, hobbyists and foodistas, together sharing stories and recipes and advice. I can only look forward to September and wonder excitedly what it will be like.

Thanks to All Good Bakers and the From Scratch Club for hosting, and to all the lovely swappers.

See you soon.