A few weeks ago, the wonders of the web {and lots of clicking on links}, brought me to  the site of a cool group called the From Scratch Club.  I saw they were: 1) local & 2) hosting a Food Swap soon.  As I read about the upcoming swap I was excited and yelling to my husband {in the other room} about all the details.

Me: “HUN!!!! There’s a Food Swap in Saratoga!!!

My Husband: Silence

Me: “You bring some sort of food item and trade it with someone else!!! Can you believe it?”

My husband was on board and thought it sounded fun, but I do think I might have been a tad bit OVER excited.  But, come on. It is a really cool idea.

The deal is, you bring something food related and try to swap it with someone else at the meet up.  This is what I brought

{Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Brownies}


And….this is what I brought home!


As another side benefit, a friend and I arranged to swap with each other on a regular basis.

I am baking GF/DF for her, and she’s giving me eggs and veggies {from her fantastic garden}!

I am loving this Food Swap idea…..

It’s community

It’s working together

It’s strengths and weaknesses meeting and providing for each other

It’s fun and social

It local food

It’s educational

It is my new favorite thing

{…well besides canning cause I am totally want to get into that to! hahah}


Hope you find your own Food Swap to join up with.

Or talk to a friend, you might find you have things to swap with each other!


~All the best